Pre Purchase Building + Pest Inspection


Our combined Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection service is the most in-depth and detailed inspection you can have conducted before purchasing your property. If you want absolute 100% piece of mind then booking a combined Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection is vital.

Some companies offer you a Building and Pest Inspection service at a cheaper price as it’s conducted by the one inspector. So ultimately they are conducting the one inspection which actually requires two different qualifications and sets of industry experience. So although the one man band inspector may be a cheaper financial option, ask yourself whether it’s worth risking the inspection to someone not purely dedicated to investigating one  specific service during their time spent on the property? Our contractors have come directly from their chosen industry so have the experience, passion and knowledge for the inspection service they provide. That means you won’t be getting a licensed Building Inspector conducting an unlicensed Pest Inspection.

2 inspectors dedicated to their industries conducting 2 independent inspections


When you book a combined Building and Pest Inspection with BIASA one of our accredited Building Inspection contractors and one of our accredited Pest Inspection contractors will attend the property at the same time. They will each individually meticulously inspect the internal and external of the property inclusive of all structures within 30 metres of the property externally and within the boundary of the property including fences.

Both inspections strictly conducted to Australian Standards

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You will receive two completely separate comprehensive inspection reports for each type of inspection. A report prepared by your allocated Building Inspector and a report prepared by your allocated Pest Inspector. Both inspectors will send you their report within 4-6 hours of the inspection being conducted. Due to our unique reporting system our comprehensive reports are built on site as the inspections are being conducted ensuring that our inspectors do not miss a thing.

Receive both reports within 4 – 6 hours


We are the leaders in getting your report to you within 4 – 6 hours of the inspection being conducted.

Our inspectors use a specialised and unique reporting system that not only ensures that nothing is missed during the inspection, but also enables our inspectors to build the report as they go meaning you get your report within 4-6 hours of the inspection being conducted every time, without fail!

Just another one of our benefits to you!


Once you have had the chance to read through your comprehensive reports your dedicated inspectors will be waiting for your call and will be able to take you step by step through their reports in detail. Most importantly they will be able to explain everything in a language you can understand. They are approachable, caring, empathetic to your needs and most importantly knowledgeable and will ensure that you are left with no questions unanswered before making your decision to go forward and purchase.

You’ll have the complete confidence and knowledge to make a 100% fully informed decision.


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